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k Nearest Neighbor (or kNN): how I see it

There is a big buzz around the whole machine learning and neural networks. But they are pretty difficult at first. So I began with where most people begin. First Machine Learning algorithm that I wrote myself, from first to last character is k Nearest Neighbor (or kNN).

For example, parametric algorithms require mathematic approach. Without it, you can have an idea how it works, but you will not be 100% sure. And I love to be 100% sure with my algorithms!

Let me give you my point of view on this algorithm! Vamos! 🙂

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How I Messed Up when Training Neural Network for First Time

Machine learning for me was like a some mythical black box magic surrounded by a thick mist and small gnomes protecting it. Only most courageous ones with enough work and some mathemagic dust shall pass the protection and enter the land of knowledge.

I never shy away from challenges that support my growth and since I love technology, I started practicing Machine Learning. When I came to CERN for internship, very soon I tried Artificial Neural Networks – the best sounding algorithm in the world!

Let me share my first experience with Artificial Neural Networks.

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