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Is it worth to set Eloquent fields explicitly?

You know, I love Eloquent so much! It provides very elegant way to link you database to models. And it does a lot of things for you too, for example:

  • guessing table name by class name;
  • guessing which field should be used for foreign keys.

Have you ever wondered, how much overhead do these things create? I did. And I figured it out with table name case (I guess should be similar with foreign key column guessing. Take a look at my experiment!

TL;DR: It is worth.

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Hidden features of Laravel Authentication

Laravel provides excellent authentication mechanism. Have you ever wondered how it works? Documentation states, that it is very flexible, but does not show flexibility of it.

I will show you some features, that I personally love, and how I managed to find those, so you can start your own journey. Lets begin!

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