Hidden features of Laravel Authentication

Laravel provides excellent authentication mechanism. Have you ever wondered how it works? Documentation states, that it is very flexible, but does not show flexibility of it.

I will show you some features, that I personally love, and how I managed to find those, so you can start your own journey. Lets begin!

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How to receive data from API using Guzzle

Times have come, when applications are no longer isolated, so we, developers, have to adapt. RESTful web services are now getting more and more attention, but, before diving into specifics of REST, you should know how to access simple API and how to receive data from it. Just read and you will see. 🙂

In old times, PHP developers (me included) were using cURL library, but it is a bit pain in the ass. Better, more readable and modern way is to use some library .. and I present you – Guzzle. What it does, you might ask. It just abstracts HTTP protocol. You don’t have to worry about losing pointer with cURL or some other low-level mistakes. Give me a few minutes and I will show you how to do it! Continue Reading

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